Hawaii, Oahu, Hilo Tantra with Uma Parvati

Namaste and welcome! My name is Uma Parvati, which was given to me by my guru in India. Uma is the Goddess of sensuality and seduction. Parvati is Shiva's devoted wife. To Guruji I was the perfect combination of both Goddesses. Our the Christian symbol of the two "Marys" or both the Divine Mother and High Sexual Priestess aspects of the Goddess. Although I have many credentials, I teach mostly through shaktipat or transmission. I do this through touch, kissing, Tantric bodywork, erotic healing, Tantra rituals, and sharing of this sacred sexual wisdom by practicing both White and Red Tantra techniques.

I know that words don't teach but the experience itself is what we learn from. So come experience a divinely connected, intimate immersion into Tantric bliss. Practice with me erotic full body bliss as we kiss, passionately prolonging and intensifying our pleasure for extended periods while in uninhibited ecstasy

The sacred sexuality practices I teach originated in ancient cultures that respected sexual energy and honored sexual union as one of the most sacred arts. I have extensive training in both sexual and traditional healing. healing, surrogacy and many modalities of healing. Through the teachings of Tantra, Toaism and Law of Attraction, I have helped thousands of people overcome numerous dysfunctions and improve their lives for the better.

My specialty is helping you overcome premature ejaculation in ONE session! Prolong and intensify the power and pleasure of your experience; release what holds you from limitless love and pleasure! I also have much success in helping women reclaim their birth right of Amrita (releasing the nectar of the Goddess) and showing men how to facilitate this for their partner(s).

I'm a Certified Tantra Therapist and Sacred Sex Educator. I was Licensed in Massage Therapy in 1995. I incorporate Tantra, erotic techniques, mantra and all the holistic healing modalities I have learned in over 20 years of facilitating emotional and sexual wholeness.

I have a home in Southern California with gorgeous, upscale accommodations for incall in Orange County or I can do outcall to Los Angeles, The Los Angeles Valley or San Diego for an additional 200 for the extra time and expense it takes me to travel. I also have a home on the Big Island of Hawaii. I do incall there or can do outcall island to Kona or islandwide for 200 or can be sponsored to Maui, Oahu or any of the Hawaiian Islands. I can be sponsored to any major city worldwide for the cost of First Class roundtrip air fare and at least one session.

I look forward to initiating you into these sacred, erotic arts or helping you to deepen your existing practice!

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